It's time for Joe Maddon to shake up the Cubs lineup

Dla ludzi, którzy nie są w grupie Hoshi Akari, jednak potrzebują pomocy dubbingowej
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It's time for Joe Maddon to shake up the Cubs lineup

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For all the understandable angst expressed over the Cubs' crummy relief pitching, consider the reality of the National League Championship Series as it returns to Wrigley Field Albert Almora Jersey.Hitters have had ample opportunities to make the bullpen breakdowns a moot point and swung and missed. Repeatedly. Cubs relievers giving up epic home runs have obscured the bigger issue that could have erased all of manager Joe Maddon's miscalculations The Cubs stopped hitting in October.You can debate until last call at Murphy's whether the Cubs bullpen or their bats have beenmore disappointing against the Dodgers and nobody would be wrong. The bullpen has been bad 19 runs and 19 walks in 24 1 3 postseason innings and the bats have been worse But fixing the bullpen requires an entire offseason for Cubs President Theo Epstein. Igniting the offense before Game 3 is something Maddon can do Tuesday morning when he sits down to write out a Cubs lineup that needs shaken up.As the late, great Pat Pieper might say, Attention, please, get your iPad Pro pencils and scorecards ready.
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